Project Management

Scope Management

Our team of professional project managers, will seamlessly define the project scopes as to what is and is not included in the project based on the specifications of the stakeholders. All eliciting, documenting, and managing stakeholder requirements takes place within the project scope management processes. We are there to make sure you miss nothing on your scope!

We identify areas of ambiguity and create Agreed Upon Statements to make sure everything is properly defined and all risks regarding this matter are removed.

Together with the stakeholders, we also extract the exact definition of “Finish” to create an accurate destination for the project.

Schedule Management

Through our sophisticated project schedule management, we provide a detailed plan representing how and when the project will be “Finished” according to the definition of “Finish” we established in the previous step.

In Confix our team is specially engineered to provide accurate estimations for the workflow and project phases. This way, we ensure each phase will meet its corresponding deadline and the project will arrive at “Finish” on time.

Our team tightly follows the project schedules using MS Project and Primavera and produces accurate reports based on their data for the stakeholders to know where their project is and where it is headed next.

Cost Management

The most complex part of project management is related to budgeting. Inflation, fluctuating availability of material and unforeseen costs are what make cost estimation for major products difficult and unreliable.

In Confix we follow the standards of PMBok to ensure your project steer away from such issues. Our project cost management team will not only estimate what others do, but also work on the planning , budgeting, financing, funding, managing and controlling costs so that the stakeholders can have a realistic sense of the actual cost for their project.

Once estimated, we make sure the project remains on the budget line through structured and tailored methodologies of Cost Control in accordance with PMBOK Standards.

Time and Materials Management

Time and materials (T&M) is a standard phrase in a contract for construction, product development or any other piece of work in which the employer agrees to pay the contractor based upon the time spent by the contractor's employees and subcontractors employees to perform the work, and for materials used in the construction (plus the contractor's mark up on the materials used), no matter how much work is required to complete construction.

T&M is generally used in projects in which it is not possible to accurately estimate the size of the project, or when it is expected that the project requirements would most likely change

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